seasonal farmhouse beer

Rustic, unfiltered beer from beautiful Mid Wales, since Jan 2018

Traditional & novel farmhouse beers, using high quality ingredients and a range of microbes

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barrel aged & blended

Any beer that isn't sent out clean & fresh is aged & soured in our barrel store

Workhorse Bordeaux red wine barrels, with resident mixed cultures, provide acidity and funk

Sherry, whisky & white wine barrels offer a wider range of flavours for blending

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honesty box

We're open about what goes into our beers

They're fairly simple, unfiltered and vegan friendly

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our team

One full time employee (James, from Howling Hops, Salopian and Hop Back)

We rely on friends & local businesses to help make, taste & sell our beer

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we're open

10am - 4pm Mon - Fri (unless out delivering!)

We sell bottled beer to take away, or we can organise 36 or 72 pint barrels for parties etc.

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